Sojourners: When Simple Living Becomes Sexy, December 2010
       Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: A Whole World of Novelers, November 27, 2010
The Mennonite: Humility, Humus, and Humor, December 2010
Chicago Tribune, Changing My Drying Ways, October 3, 2010

LA Times: He Didn't Sow, But He Reaped, September 21, 2010

Orion: The Philo-Lilac, Coda column, May/June 2010
Mothering: Small House, Big Life, December 2009
Sojourners: The Afterlife of Trash, January 2010
Brain, Child: Afterbirth, Winter 2010
Literary Mama: Swimming Lessons
Central PA: Hawk on the Highway, February 2010
Skirt!: Mentor or Mom? September 2009 (reprint in Toledo Area Parent and Ann Arbor Family News)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Spending Lent (Mostly) Offline, March 24-25, 2009 (two-part series)
Literary Mama: When Income Envy Comes Home, February 2009
Brain, Child: Wrestling Moves, Winter 2009
Central PA: In Defense of Leftovers, January 2009
The Christian Century: Close Quarters: Life in a Not-So-Big House, Oct. 7, 2008
Skirt!: Cover Your Head: Mennonites, Muslims, and Fashion, July 2008
The Patriot-News: Op-Ed about 5th anniversary of Iraq War, March 16, 2008
DreamSeeker Magazine: The Small, Beautiful Thing: Saying No in a Culture of Yes, Winter 2008
Brain, Child: Holding Baby Birds, September 2007
The Christian Century: Mother in the House: Nancy Pelosi’s First Career, Feb. 3, 2007
The Mennonite: One Mean Mennonite Mama, October 3, 2006
The Patriot-News: Toddler’s Death Brings Home Horror of War, Aug. 3, 2006
Seek: In Search of the Sabbath: Finding God’s Rest in a Restless Culture, Spring 2006
Central PA: Lice Lessons, May 2006
Sojourners: The Second Coming of the Lord God Bird, Winter 2006
Central PA: A Marriage Secured With Feathers, May 2005
The Other Side: Becoming Un-Enlightened, September-October 2002

Selected Features

Sojourners: Buy, Buy Baby, January 2009
The Mennonite: Do You Have Pleonexia? Oct. 21, 2008
The Mennonite: Poverty in the Suburbs, May 20, 2008
Mennonite Weekly Review: Did E’er Such Love and Sorrow Meet? Dec. 12, 2007
Sojourners: Jesus of the Cul-de-Sac and Picket-Fence Poverty, July 2007
Sojourners: From Imagination to Action: Can Fiction Be A Vehicle for Social Change? (includes interview with Barbara Kingsolver), November 2006
Christianity Today: God's Crime Bill, Apr. 21, 2000

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